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Funding your HE Course

Higher education is a smart investment. Graduates earn £12,000 more annually than non-graduates, are less likely to be unemployed, and have better job prospects. Don’t let cost hold you back—it’s an affordable and valuable investment.

Tuition Fees

Course fees can be found on the individual course pages under ‘course details.’ It should be noted that course fees may be subject to change, for further details please refer to our Tuition fees policy.

Additional Costs

There may be additional costs for courses such as books, equipment, trips and other essentials. This information will be made available to you during the interview and enrolment process as well as costs associated to these resources.

Student Loans

Students on a Higher Education course may be able to cover the cost of their tuition fees with a student loan. You do not need to pay any tuition fees upfront before or during your course. Instead, the loan is paid directly to us on your behalf.

  • Eligibility: Available for all part-time and full-time Higher Education students, regardless of income.
  • Payment: Loans cover tuition fees paid directly to the College.
  • Repayment: Begins after earning over £27,295 a year. No repayment until the April after course completion if already earning over this amount. For more information about repayments see the government webpage: Repaying your student loan.

Direct Payments

If you are not using a student loan to pay your tuition fees, you can pay us directing as indicated below:

  • Methods: Cash, cheque, credit/debit card, or direct debit.
  • Direct Debit: Requires bank details; not available for some short courses; can be split into up to six instalments, with the first payment due at enrolment.
  • Employer Payment: Requires a letter from the employer for direct invoicing.

Maintenance Loans

Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to apply for a maintenance loan for living costs. You can apply at the same time as applying for a student loan. You can use the governments student finance calculator to estimate how much maintenance loan you may receive. For further information refer to the government’s student loan information webpage.

If there are any changes to your living arrangements, it is important that you inform the student loan company as it will affect your student finance. You can make these updates to your student loan online account.

Advances Learner Loans

An Advanced Learner Loan is available for individuals aged 19 or above in England. It helps cover tuition costs for approved qualifications at levels 3 to 6.


  • Age: 19 or older on the first day of your course, starting on or after 1 August 2022.
  • Residency: Living in the UK on the first day of your course and for three years prior, or have Settled Status.
  • Course Level: Enrolled in an eligible Level 3 or above course (A levels, Access to HE Diplomas, other Diplomas and Certificates).

Loan Details:

  • Income Independence: Loans are not based on income and don't affect benefits.
  • Minimum Loan: £300. You can pay part of the fee yourself.

Application Process:

  • Apply online or via a form from the Student Loans Company.
  • Confirmation within 2 weeks online; longer for postal applications.
  • Complete loan application before enrolling.


  • Start repaying from the April after course completion or withdrawal.
  • Repay if earning over £524/week, £2,274/month, or £27,295/year.
  • Repayments stop if income drops below these thresholds.
  • Monthly repayment: 9% of income above thresholds.
  • Interest accrues from the first payment to full repayment.

Access to HE Courses:

  • Loan written off if progressing to and completing an HE course eligible for Student Finance.
Right to Cancel
  1. Your contract with the College begins when you accept your offer of a place on a Higher Education programme.
  2. You have the right to cancel your registration or enrolment without giving any reason within 14 calendar days of the date of the email or letter confirming our acceptance of your place.
  3. To cancel within the 14-day period, notify the HE Admissions team at Tameside College (admissions@tameside.ac.uk) through a clear statement, including your name, address, and the programme for which you accepted an offer.
  4. Full-time/Part-time first-year applicants must also withdraw their application through UCAS Track and contact Student Finance England to withdraw their funding application.
  5. If you cancel within the 14-day period, all payments received from you will be refunded promptly, no later than 14 working days after being informed of your decision to cancel.
  6. You also have the right to cancel your contract and withdraw from your programme after the cancellation period has expired. However, if you withdraw after the cancellation period has ended, you may be liable to pay some or all of your tuition fees.
  7. To withdraw from the programme after the 14-day cancellation period, follow the steps outlined in the HE Extensions and Extenuating Circumstance Policy & Procedure and notify us in writing. Refer to the Tuition Fees Policy for fee implications of withdrawing after the 14-day cancellation period.
  8. If you do not follow the cancellation process, you may still be liable for the full tuition fees and other charges. You will be responsible for settling any outstanding financial obligations.
For full details on the cancellatin period see the HE Terms and Conditions and Tuition Fees Policy.

Refund Policy

If you would like to find out more information about applying for a refund of tuition fees please refer to our Refunds Policy.

Financial Support

If you are studying on a course which is Government funded you may be able to get help towards costs such as books, travel, equipment and childcare. Contact The Student Hub on 0161 908 6789 for further information.

You can also visit the Student Hub or contact the Financial support Team via E-mail or call: 0161 909 5722 (Bursary) for further information